About me

city-3850807_1920I live in Brighton, on the south coast, the town where I was born.  Most of my working life has been spent in public sector administration, mainly in health and education. 

But we all have a dream job, don’t we?  Being a writer was always my dream.  I may have left it late to make the dream come true, but I got there in the end!  Having my first novel, Remarkable Things published by Crooked Cat Books was the most exciting experience, but the old cliche about writing being a journey is so true – I am still travelling and have far to go.
I read a lot – well, it goes with the territory! My favourite book is usually the last one I read, but a few of my current favourite authors are Deborah Moggach, Eve Chase, JoJo Moyes, Kate Atkinson and Joanna Cannon.

When I’m not writing – or reading! –  I dabble a bit with painting and belong to the Dupont Art Club. It’s great fun and we’re lucky to have two amazing artists as our teachers, Lucy Parker and Caroline Marsland.   I post the paintings I’m reasonably happy with on my Pinterest board.  I have other Pinterest boards, too.  Find them here.

My husband I belong to the National Trust and love visiting the beautiful houses and gardens.  We’re lucky to have a number of them in and around Sussex and nearby Kent.

If you follow me on Facebook you might have noticed I’m a bit of a mad cat lady!  We have one, a real character called Chester.  He’s made it plain he has to be an ‘only cat’, otherwise I might give in to temptation when I visit the Cats’ Protection Centre at Chelwood Gate and see all the lovely cats needing homes.

Deirdre x