The Write Romantics


I belong to a writers’ group called The Write RomanticsThere are ten of us, and a more diverse bunch you couldn’t imagine:  in age, in the places we live – from Yorkshire to Wales to Kent and Sussex – and in the type of books we write.  Our literary offerings range from romantic comedy, to ghost stories, to stories about social work, to steampunk, and much in between.  And, of course, we blog as well.  You can follow our blog and read the posts by clicking on the link above.

Some of us have never met in person, others only once, but we get along so well and usually manage to ‘talk’ on the net every day.  Not only do we share the ups and downs of this crazy writing world, we support each other in all kinds of ways whenever it’s needed.  Together, we celebrate our writing achievements, commiserate in the down times (we don’t use the word ‘failure’), and generally enjoy the kind of shared camaraderie and support that others would surely envy.  It can be a lonely business, this writing thing.  I count these lovely ladies as being amongst my best friends.The picture below shows some of us at the 2014 RNA Conference in Shropshire.


We have a Facebook page, too.  Find it here.