Never Coming Back


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Your best friend dies.  All because of you.  How do you go on?

Layla is struggling to come to terms with the death of her best friend, Danni, at a student party almost a year ago. Perhaps she never will – because only Layla knows the truth about what happened that night.  Danni’s parents, Melody and Reece, invite Layla for weekend visits to their Sussex farmhouse home, and she’s happy to accept – until Melody’s increasing dependence on her sends out warning signals.  Although she knows it’s time to break away, for all their sakes, Layla’s guilt over Danni’s death has her returning, time and again.   When Layla meets Morgan, the connection between them is unmistakable.  But until she confronts the past, she can’t face the future, let alone allow herself to fall in love.There is only one way out: Layla must confess her secret to Danni’s parents. But can she risk breaking their hearts all over again? And will Morgan still love her, once he discovers the kind of person she really is?

It’s the hardest decision.  And time is running out…

“A delicately explored and excellently written novel of grief, guilt and the importance of beginning again”
~ Elizabeth Buchan, Sunday Times bestselling author

Never Coming Back is published by Crooked Cat Books (December 2016)

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