Remarkable Things

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When Gus Albourne finds himself as sole inheritor of Aunt Augusta’s cottage in the Sussex village of Hangburton, he has more than just a property on his hands. Why him and not Robert, his more deserving brother? Gus needs answers. As he searches for the truth behind the legacy, the cottage begins to reveal its secrets and Gus realises he’s looking at his own life story. Only it’s not the version he knows.

Millie Hope is searching for her missing daughter, Karen. When Millie’s ex-husband dies, finding Karen becomes even more urgent. But there’s more than one barrier to the search. For a start, there’s Jack, Karen’s terrifying ex-boyfriend. And then there’s the reason Karen disappeared in the first place, which seems less certain as time goes on.

Friendship between Gus and Millie deepens into something more as they share confidences over endless cups of tea in the back room of Millie’s shop. But how can they begin to think about the future when the past is clamouring to be rewritten? 

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Amazon 5* reviews:

‘If you like the novels of Joanna Trollope and Elizabeth Jane Howard then you’ll love this wonderful novel of secrets, lies and embroidery…’

‘This is a book to digest slowly and savour every sentence.’

‘A gentle, thoughtful and romantic read entwined with family mysteries of the past and present.’

‘Beautifully written.’

Remarkable Things is published by Crooked Cat Publishing (May 2015)

Available from Amazon UK and worldwide.