Having had four books published by Crooked Cat, I decided to take a break from full-length novels in order to write some shorter ones, around 50 – 55,000 words. These books are what you might call cosy reads, and for those I’m using my new writing name, Zara Thorne, and publishing them through Fabrian Books.  I’m delighted to be joining Fabrian, which is owned and run by my lovely writing friend, and fellow Write Romantic, Jo Bartlett.

To date, I’ve published three books through Fabrian: Escape to Sunrise Cottage, Christmas at Spindlewood, and a book of short stories, Cobblestone Cove.

‘Sunrise’ and ‘Spindlewood’ are set in Sussex, my home county – well, it makes a nice change from Cornwall!  Among other things, I can promises villages, cottages, and romance, though there is plenty else going on in the plot.  My fictional villages in these two books are called Fold and Charnley Acre, while I refer to real Sussex towns and villages too. I plan to write more books based around the county.

Meanwhile I’m still enjoying working with my lovely editors at Crooked Cat to bring my three novels with them to my readers, and gathering some great reviews as I go.  Originally I had four novels published by Crooked Cat.  ‘Remarkable Things’ was in need of a new cover and a re-brand, and with this in mind I took the decision to end its contract with Crooked Cat.  The book has now been successfully republished under my own name. 

Do get in touch if you’d like to, via this site, or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Deirdre x