Moonshine image 2


I’m happy to say that my latest novel, Moonshine, will be published by Crooked Cat on 6th April, in ebook and paperback.   It will be available on Amazon for pre-order from 30th March.  

Moonshine is the sequel to Dirty Weekend, although it also works as a stand-alone.  The story moves the characters on three years, to 1969, and this time, instead of Brighton they’re heading for a caravan holiday in Devon.  It just so happens that right in the middle of the holiday, the Apollo 11 space mission is in progress, and the night of the moon landing, when man first sets foot on the moon, turns out to be memorable in more ways than one…


Other news is that I’ve sold more stories to  The People’s Friend.  Seeing that first one in print was very exciting.  On the novel front, I’m writing a Christmas-themed book.  It might seem strange writing it so far in advance, but it seemed easier to capture a winter theme by writing it in winter!

Do get in touch via my contact page if you’d like to chat about my books, or about anything at all, really!